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Are you looking for a cannabis experience like no other? If so, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our most unique and top-selling hemp cigars – the 2.2-gram Thai Stick Style Cannarillo. This extraordinary creation isn’t just a cigar; it’s a phenomenon. Packed with unparalleled intensity, it delivers a punch that sets it apart. Whether you crave a full-on CBD relaxation session or desire a mind-blowing, heavy-hitting Delta-8 journey, the Thai Stick Style Cannarillo has become an icon in the realm of hemp cigars. Elevate your senses and let this unique masterpiece take you to new heights.

The 2.2 Gram Cannabis Thai Stick Style Cannarillos are made from locally sourced, small batch, quality grown hemp flower/bud. This flower is packed into a core and is wrapped with hand-selected and naturally grown hemp plant leaves.

Approximate burn times can vary depending on the type of flower used to the amount of time in the tube. On average, this will burn between 20 to 35 minutes.

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Thai Stick How-To


  • Multiple cannabinoids to choose from
  • 2.2 Grams of hemp flower, specific cannabinoid dominant
  • Locally sourced, small batch, quality grown hemp flower/bud
  • Hand selected & naturally grown hemp plant leaves
  • Full spectrum hemp flower/bud
  • Wrapped in cleaned hemp leaves (REAL Plant Leaf)
  • Wood tip by Organitips
  • Dried and cured to perfection
  • 24 gauge cigar ring size (.37 inches diameter x 4 inches long)
  • Skewer stick to be remove along with hemp wick cord

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Cannabinoid Certificate of Analysis (COA’s)

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