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Welcome to East Coast Cannagars, the world of exquisite smoking pleasure! We want to introduce you to our 100% Cannabis Cigars, meticulously crafted from the finest Hemp/Cannabis plants. Each Cannagar is carefully hand-packed, wrapped, and expertly cured in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled humidor rooms for a minimum of two weeks. The result? A genuinely refined, clean, smooth, and leisurely smoking experience that sets our Cannagars apart. Indulge in the art of relaxation with our premium handcrafted Cannabis Cigars and elevate your smoking experience today.

What is a Cannagar? A Cannagar is also known as a canna-cigar or cannabis cigar. A true Cannagar is a masterpiece in itself—an amalgamation of premium cannabis flowers delicately packed at its core, with or without a central skewer for optimal venting.

Each Cannagar is carefully wrapped in cleaned, individual cannabis plant leaves before undergoing a gentle drying phase. Once dried, they continue through a precise curing period within our humidity and temperature-controlled humidor rooms. This careful regimen spans a specific length of time, ensuring the perfect conditions for a slow, even, and luxuriously smooth burn.

A true Cannagar stands apart from stuffed palm leaves, blunts, doinks, or hemp wraps. It is exclusively crafted from 100% cannabis plant material—devoid of any other plant or extraneous substances. This authenticity extends to its wrapping, which utilizes the unadulterated cannabis leaf directly sourced from the cannabis plant, eschewing any processed materials. Embrace the purity of a genuine Cannagar experience. 

Award Winning Concept

Stand out from the crowd! Our unique products are unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else!

For products as unique as you! Elevate your smoke sessions!

We offer our products in various cannabinoids!

Cannagars & Cannarillos

Our most popular, best-selling cigar collection, varying from 1.2 to 6 grams! Whether it’s CBD or Delta-8, our comprehensive selection all but guarantees there’s something for everyone. Plus, rest easy knowing our full-spectrum products boast less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which keeps them Farm Bill compliant!

How to Enjoy a Cannagar

Shaped like your classic cigar, our Cannagars light up just the same. Grab a butane torch, hit the flat end for around thirty seconds, and give it a smooth roll in your fingers for an even burn. Inhale gently, and let that rich, textured smoke chill in your lungs. Enjoy the simple art of Cannagar euphoria – because sometimes, it’s just about the good vibes and smooth puffs.

More on Cannagar Etiquette

Emphasizing Excellence

Over the years, our team has put in the hours needed to master the refinement of the “Cannabis/Hemp” cigar. Fueled by collective expertise in both the medical and hemp industries, we’ve conquered challenges to introduce a distinctive, niche product seamlessly into your company’s portfolio.

A Niche Gem in a Crowded Market

In a sea of indistinguishable CBD products flooding the market, our hemp cigars, affectionately known as Cannagars, emerge as a unique offering. These meticulously crafted, hand-wrapped, and cured pieces of art are designed for extended enjoyment with friends. Whether you’re interested in a variety of sizes and styles for wholesale or the mass production of custom cigars exclusive to your company, we’ve got you covered.

Craftmanship at its Core

Every hemp cigar, be it for a brand or private label, undergoes the artisan touch of being hand-wrapped and cured for a specified duration in climate-controlled humidors. This meticulous process guarantees a consistently slow, even, and smooth burn every time you indulge.


“Amazing smoking experience,
slow and smooth burning.” – David