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When it comes to enjoying hemp cigars, the first point to note is that lighting them is a straightforward affair – a simple match or lighter will do.

But does it really matter? Absolutely!

Not everyone carries around a torch lighter for their hemp cigar sessions, and that’s perfectly okay. Unless, of course, you’re into dabbing or something else that probably shouldn’t be smoked. Keep in mind that different companies may roll their Cannagar products differently, so take our advice with a pinch of salt if you’re trying it with another product. Many face issues with heat and moisture levels that can heat up the entire cigar – a problem you won’t encounter with ours.

Alright, the class is in session!

Welcome to Cannagar Etiquette 101:

How to Light a Cannagar:

When lighting a cannagar or cannabis cigar, snip the inhalation end (not the light end like an actual cigar). Why? Smaller spaces with MJ and Hemp tend to tar up under situations where there’s a tiny hole. Lighting it will send the oil to the end of the Cannagar, sometimes ending up on your teeth. While it’s easily cleaned, it’s not exactly enjoyable. This isn’t unique to our products – it’s an industry-wide occurrence, and by following this step, you’ll avoid the issue.

When lighting a cannagar, do it similarly to a real cigar. Place the hemp cigar in your mouth, set the flame to the tip, and puff (pull air through the hemp cigar slightly). Then, slightly turn the hemp cigar and puff again. Repeat this turning motion while puffing until the tip is fully red. Often, you’ll have gone through one full rotation of the cannagar by this point.

Putting Out a Cannagar:

Let it burn down a bit so it smolders in the ash but is no longer really putting out smoke. Gently put it out like a cigarette. Once it’s out, take one of our cigar cutters and trim down the cigar a little past where it finished burning. Snip it off slightly beyond that point. Gently blow into the cannagar to remove any stagnant smoke. If you have an East Coast Cannagar, place the recently cut end into the glass tube it came in and cork it.

Enjoy your cannagar experience with these simple yet essential etiquette tips!