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Currently, this is the top line of what East Coast Cannagars offers: the king of kings, the Cannahiba Cannagar. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Cannahiba Cannagar – our most colossal masterpiece to date. This 6 Gram mammoth redefines the ultimate smoking experience, crafted from locally sourced, small batch, quality-grown hemp flower. Every Cannahiba is guaranteed to take you on a unique smoke session boasting 6 grams of premium hemp flower packed to the core and wrapped by hand-selected, naturally grown hemp plant leaves.

Clear your calendar for this beast from the east, as it comes complete with an extended voyage with burn time ranging from a highly respectable 75 minutes to an indulgent 1.5 hours or more. From the choice of cannabinoids to the locally sourced, small batch, quality-grown hemp flower, every detail contributes to the unparalleled experience. The Cannahiba Cannagars feature a cigar-style rounded tip and boast a 36-gauge cigar ring size for an extra touch fit for a king.

Dried and cured to perfection, the Cannahiba Cannagars are an odyssey into the premium hemp experience. Get elevated; with high class comes high times! Treat your senses with the 6 Gram Cannabis Cannahiba Cannagar, where every puff tastes as deliciously amazing as the first.


  • Multiple cannabinoids to choose from
  • 6 Grams of hemp flower, specific cannabinoid dominant
  • Locally sourced, small batch, quality grown hemp flower/bud
  • Hand selected & naturally grown hemp plant leaves
  • Full spectrum hemp flower/bud
  • Wrapped in cleaned hemp leaves (REAL Plant Leaf)
  • Cigar style rounded tip
  • Dried and cured to perfection
  • 36 gauge cigar ring size (.56 inches diameter x 4 inches long)

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