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Introducing our premier selection of Hemp Cigars – the epitome of sophistication for the cannabis connoisseur. Step into a world of next-level smoke as we present our best-selling introductory line that caters to both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

Crafted with precision, our hemp cigars range from a solid 1.2 grams to a lofty 6 grams, ensuring there’s just enough for every preference. We understand that variety is the spice of life, so we offer several options: CBD or Delta-8 versions – whatever your preference, we have something to elevate your smoking experience.

Rest easy knowing that all our products contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, making them Farm Bill compliant.

Unleash the power of botanical mastery with our Premium Hemp Cigars. Great for those ready for an intense experience of delicious, curated flavor.

Elevate your smoking journey – explore our selection today!

The Stubby Cannarillo

Our pocket-sized powerhouse and best-selling hemp cigar. This little dynamo delivers a punch that goes for the knockout – perfect for a full-on CBD relaxation or a mind-blowing Delta-8 experience. The 1.2-gram Stubby may be small, but it hits hard. Ignite, savor, and let this little cigar take you where you want to go.

Price ranges between $9.99- $14.99

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Thai Stick Style Cannarillo

The Thai Stick Style Cannarillo is the pinnacle of unique premium hemp cigars. This exceptional creation will dazzle the eyes while it enlightens the mind, perfect for a CBD relaxation session or a mind-blowing Delta-8 experience. At 2.2 grams, this little rocket is guaranteed to help you blast off to elevated heights.

Price ranges between $14.99- $22.99

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Do you want a smoke that offers perfection in every puff? Our 2.5 Gram Cannabis Cannarillos have you covered with a blend of locally sourced, small batch, quality grown hemp flower. Each Cannarillo is impeccably crafted and boasts a core of meticulously packed flower wrapped by hand-selected, naturally grown hemp plant leaves.

Price ranges between $14.99- $22.99

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Wood Tip Cannagar

Looking for something with a little more spunk? Our 4 Gram Cannabis Wood Tip Cannagars are the perfect fusion of locally sourced, small batch, quality grown hemp flower. The wood tip mouthpiece and a 36-gauge cigar ring size add a nice touch to every puff.

Price ranges between $24.99- $39.99

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Cannahiba Cannagar

The Cannahiba Cannagar is our largest and most spectacular creation yet, boasting the longest burn times out of our entire product line! Crafted from 6 grams of locally sourced, small-batch, quality-grown hemp flower, each Cannahiba is a premium hemp cigar rolled for a king. Featuring a cigar-style rounded tip and a 36-gauge cigar ring size, this is no regular Cannagar; it’s an experience of ultimate hemp indulgence – Are you ready to try the 6 Gram Cannabis Cannahiba Cannagar?

Price ranges between $35.99- $52.99

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