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East Coast Cannagars is looking to build a Tiered Commission based sales team in the cannabis cigar industry. We feel that we provide a niche item and service to the industry and we’re wanting your help to spread the word. These sales can be made to local cigar shops, smoke shops, cbd stores, large distributors.

Here is the basic FAQs section for the most commonly asked questions prior to submitting the application form below.


What is the product/service I would be selling?

We manufacture cannabis cigars aka cannagars. We have a retail brand you will be selling to shops and we offer manufacturing you can sell services to larger businesses and distribution companies.

What is a Hemp Cigar aka Cannagar?

A hemp cigar or cannagar as it’s known. Is a hemp packed core, wrapped with cured hemp leaves. Then cured slow in climate controlled humidors. This creates a slow smooth burning cigar made from 100% cannabis sativa L.

How much will I get paid?

This is a solely commission based sales position; so your pay will vary on the amount of sales you make and also the size of the sales. More information will be sent via email.

When will I get Paid?

Commission based sales payments will be made once a month; if you’ve made sales that month. *Update to payment terms soon.

Do I make sales to Cigar Shops, Smoke shops, CBD stores or distributors?

You will be setup to do all of the above, the larger the sale the higher the commission rate you can make.

How do I sell your product or service?

If hired, you will be mailed a sales kits with sales information, brochures, stickers, custom email address & samples to provide to potential clients.

How much does your products sell for?

You will be sent a price sheet for wholesale, distribution and custom work.

Are these non-branded products?

We offer both branded products for shops ready to sell and we offer services to have these custom made and produced.

What state do I need to live in? Will I need to travel?

You can live in any state in the United States and work for us. Use your sales experience and connections to help.

How many hours must I work? Minimum sales?

You can work as much or as little as you would like, we do have a minimum monthly sales to stay on our sales team. More information will be emailed to you.


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